Friday, January 23, 2009

the poop water scandal

so this little boy...

went poop in his potty!!! and it wasn't even a huge issue either like i thought it would have been. he had been holding it for a couple of days, so i just said that the next time he sat on the potty, he needed to go poop too & he'd get double the marshmallows.

well within 5 minutes of sitting down & playing his favorite computer games, he called me back in & said, "I'M DONE!"

of course i have heard this specific statement several times throughout the week & was pretty skeptical as to what "done" meant.

i walked in & he stood up & had done it!

wasn't that a lovely story?

except that it doesn't stop there...

so i pick up the little bowl out of his potty to dump it in the toilet. and was so excited about it all, congratulating him & praising him, that i didn't think through the logistics of the dumping of the stuff into the toilet.

i just plop it in there and...


you have got to be kidding me.

poop water all over me.

a drop on my cheek even.

and of course, i was wearing a white shirt.

i start gagging and dry heaving, coughing & choking. caleb looks at me & i'm still trying to tell him how proud i am of him through my gags.

i don't want him to see how revolted i am by his masterpiece & all that he's just accomplished. i finish cleaning it up, then him up, then myself.

and though i'm still dry heaving just thinking about the experience, i am so proud of him. and if i have to have poop water splashed on my cheek every time just so he'll go on the potty, i'll do it.

okay, not really.


Rachel Chick said...

AWESOME! Totally been there, dude. I can sympathize -- but congratulations!!! Wonderful when the exciting things you write on your blog are about poop, huh? Yep. Been there!

Mike and Jenny said...

Man! Sometimes being a mom stinks-quite literally :) Good luck with the potty training. He will get it. Don't worry the sad thing is this won't be the last, trust me!

ericandjanine said...

Yay!!!! Good for you guys!

Rachel H. said...

INSPIRATIONAL!! You are my hero!! :)Way to go Caleb...what a great little guy!

Erick & Molly said...

It was so fun meeting you today. I have officially stalked your blog! You are a great writer I hope to get to know you better through this blog or the other thing...(wink. Wink) anyways my blog is
I have not updated for a while but plan on getting back on track soon. Take care and hopefully I will see you soon.

MARIE said...

Lovely story... just lovely.

Jenny said...

Congrats, that is huge. I bet you feel so proud of him. Keep up the goof work Caleb.

Andrea said...

It's just preparing you for all the poop you will be cleaning when your newborn starts having blowouts!! Remember those??

Good job Mr. Caleb!!! We are so so proud of you!

S and RA Beazer said...

Way to go Caleb, once he gets it figured out that you do it this way it becomes a lot easier. Next time maybe big Ben can take on the dumping task.

Melissa said...

yeah for splashed of poop water!!! I love successful potty training stories! What a relief that you won't have two in diapers! Wahoo. PS BABY GIRLS ARE THE BEST!!!