Tuesday, January 27, 2009

have you seen me lately?

tonight ben was achieving his lofty goal of killing his body one p90x video at a time. but before he started up, he said to me, dead serious,

"why don't you do this one with me? you could totally do the plyometrix dvd with me."

i didn't know what plyometrix was so i thought in order for him to suggest that i join him, it was probably a low-impact, yoga type of thing. i haven't been feeling well for the past few days and told him i didn't have the energy.

but joined him in the room to watch while i surfed craigslist for a new dresser. (ours has fallen apart several times only to give us the hope after we repair it that it will continue to survive. then two weeks later, another drawer falls off.)

and about 2 minutes in to his workout i looked at ben and said,

"have you even looked at me for the past 8 months??"

watch this video and you can see why. this is not ben, just another guy. but you get the idea of why i was so incredulous that my sweaty husband would even ask me to accompany him in this type of "low-impact" work out.

ps-this particular dvd work out lasts 60 minutes. i'm pretty sure by the end of that i would have produced a premature baby. i get braxton hicks just watching him.


Rachel Chick said...

Lyns. You may not consider it now, but give you another 3 weeks and I bet you'll be standing there, right along side Ben doing those knee jumps. I think you do even ONE of those in your last two months of pregnancy, and it would push that baby right out!!! LOL!!! That made me laugh. Also, I'm still laughing about your "curious case" post! :) Too funny and true!!

Lindsay Jane said...

Oh sweet Ben. Next time, will you PLEASE video tape him doing this. Now that I would love to see.

Rachel H. said...

Let me guess. Ben is one of those guys that notices first thing when he walks in the door that you have gotten a haircut or painted your nails...right?? :)

funny, funny.

ericandjanine said...

eric convinced me to do p90x with him....the first week, i was like, cool....i can do this. this week, i want to DIE despite 6 lbs already shed. word to the wise, even the yoga is not for preggos...it kicked my trash! however, i'd love to see you join this suicidal club after the you're recovered!

Heather said...

Wow, I don't think I would make it through the first minute of that workout. That would definitely fit in as a "last chance workout" from The Biggest Loser. Definitely not recommended for pregnant women. I am impressed though because Ben is going to be one ripped guy. I think I might have to suggest it to my husband!

Amy Btw M said...

That definitely looks intense. The funny part of that video at 2:19 it pauses for two seconds. The guy looks like he is doing one of those old Toyota commercials where they used to jump in the air. Hilarious. What was that part at the end where he is posing in front of the camera without his shirt? That was funny.

I think my hubby should do this too..ha ha.