Thursday, January 15, 2009

being knocked off my high horse

caleb has been known to humble me many times while being his mom. on several occasions he has run away from me covering his eyes & screaming when i am not wearing make-up, and just a few days ago told me he didn't like my "smell."

well yesterday he & i were having a discussion about his new primary class and what he learned there. out of the blue he said,

"but you can't come in my class, momma."

"why not?" i asked him.

"because you're too big. your belly won't fit through the door."

and if that wasn't enough, he then finishes deflating what self-esteem i have left by saying,

"you're so big, you'd knock the whole class over."

i was so shocked and started laughing at his brutal honesty. remind me again why i taught him english? i should have had him learn french from a tutor so that when the insults came flying at me, at least i wouldn't know what he was saying.

before you go thinking he is a total brat, let me assure you he isn't. maybe half-brat, half-angel. other times he can be really sweet and tell me how beautiful i look and how much he loves me. and don't worry, even though i laugh i make sure to tell him that there are certain things we don't say to people because it can hurt their feelings.

i love how being a mom can totally make you lose your self-esteem & self-worth. and then your 3 year old opens his mouth and exposes your vulnerabilities. that you look like a scary boy without mascara on, you don't always smell like flowers, and you no longer have the ability to suck in your stomach while walking through doorways.

standing up on a pedastal? who, me? with caleb around, that's very doubtful.


Tui Family said...

So funny...I think EVERY mom can relate to that! Having kids is definately a humbling experience. My favorite was when Kas stopped giving me kisses in the morning "until after you shower mom." Don't you love it?

S and RA Beazer said...

I love the honesty of children. They call it as they see it. We love you three, even if it only long distance or blog.

Mike and Jenny said...

You've read my blog because my Kaleb says those things to me all the time. Must be the name!!!

Jenny said...

I love motherhood, Boston is always telling me things tht he doesnt like about Ben and I, but then comes up and tells us that he loves us, and gives us a big hug. I love kids.

Lauren Horsley said...

I don't think he's even half-brat - he's just got a fabulous sense of humor! And we all know where he got that from...(nudge nudge to the funny couple).

I seriously think he could do kiddie stand-up - it's all about the delivery and he knows exactly how to say stuff that just puts me into hysterics!


The Pyne's said...

OMG lynsey!!! I seriously about peed my pants updating myself on your blog!!!! Where to start.....LOVE the HAIR, LOVE the nylon story (which by the way has totally happened to me as well, but not all the way off!), LOVE your stretch mark story (because I'm glad that you are FINALLY getting them, I get them at like 6-7 months and you NEVER really got them on Caleb), LOVE caleb and his cute sayings (which you know kids seriously don't mean what they say, and you are NOT that BIG, I saw you how many weeks ago and are seriuosly not even as big as I get at 8 months {which is GIGANTIC}) so make sure you post another couple pictures of your cute baby BUMP and cute hair, and we'll talk later. Hope all is well!