Friday, April 30, 2010


since i really have nothing very interesting to write...and what i want to write about is still just a jumble of non-interesting, very confusing thoughts...
i figured i'd dedicate this post to random pictures.

(and bad manners, chewing with her mouth open.)

my eye.
(ben's artistic photographer flair shines through.)

dinnertime yoga class.
(she stayed suspended like this for several minutes.)

blow fish cheeks.
(pretty much the only face i can get him to make in pictures nowadays.)

(pointing to the dog and saying a loud BOW-WOW-WOW.)

toes helping with the beach ball count.
(again with this amazing ability to utilize the tootsies in any way she can.)

blowing a soapy kiss.
(she hasn't quite mastered the flat hand but always makes the 'muwah!' sound.)

have a great weekend!

(my sister's coming into town for a blogging conference we get to go to together so i'm sure a lot of fun will be had on our end.)


S and RA Beazer said...

You definitely have the cutest kids, and so entertaining.

Rachel H. said...

Such fun to see such random. :) I have to say, little Leah has the most beautiful tan skin ever...oh so jealous! :)

The Hunter's said...

leah is beautiful! and caleb is handsome too! i love the random pics!