Thursday, September 30, 2010

the shelf OCD begins.

we have a lot of walls in this new house, and not only are we used to small spaces, but we're on a tight budget.  so i've been working on some things to fill up the wall space and get some color going on.  i actually really like white walls, then i can do whatever i want with them and change it often.

here are some shelves my friend andrea and i put up last night.  you remember those signs that say "STRADER FAMILY, EST. 2002" that were all the rage during enrichment nights about 5 years ago?  well i have two of them and decided that i wanted to make them into shelves.  so i bought fabric that was on clearance and covered them, then bought inexpensive brackets  and wha-lah!  shelves.


everything on the shelves i already had and was either on clearance from somewhere or from a yard sale.  i like the eclectic look.  nothing goes together so it goes together, you know?  

anyway, just because i love finding out where people buy their stuff, i'll list it here in case anyone is interested.

{flower vase-- i've had it since 2002
flowers--joanne's fabrics, clearance}
old fashioned bird spice holders--yard sale
trivet--is that what it's called?  whatever it's called, normally it goes on your stove to hold your spoons while cooking--anthropolgie, clearance}

{b&w picture frame--target, clearance
b,l, s letters--target, clearance
cocoa canister--yard sale
books--old books, with the covers taken off}

{owl pillow--yard sale
fake plants--a gift from tei pan trading
orange mug--pier 1, clearance
the living christ--gift when we were first married}

{clock--walmart, clearance...i think i'm going to take it back & exchange it for a blue one though.
measuring cups--anthropologie, clearance}

so there it is friends!  fairly easy, cheap and helps fill the space.

{and a shout-out to the patience of andrea and ben who helped me mix & match all of the stuff on there.  that's where the OCD comes in.  just wait until i blog about the next shelf!}


campblondie said...

Nicely done girls! Nicely done!

S and RA Beazer said...

I love them. You are totally creative and talented and smart and cute and have cute kids and a wonderful husband and I could go on and on. Love you guys.