Thursday, June 18, 2009

beating the heat

here in arizona, things have "cooled off" this week by having the temps stay in the high 90's. seriously. next week we are supposed to go back in the 3 digits. so how do we keep cool?

eating a lot of popsicles, having one of these in each of our rooms:

getting haircuts:

and letting this chubkins look cute as a button in her old navy one piece.

thanks for the sale, old navy. we've got to keep these chubby thighs cool somehow.
if only i could adore my thighs as much as i do hers.

for more pictures of my new look, go to the public blog.


Jules said...

so, so, so cute! and it will be so much easier for you. I like the curly too.

Brian & Chelsey said...

I love your hair!!! It looks great! You are braver than me! I keep saying i want to go short like that but chicken out at the last second....I love it! and Leah is so cute!!!!

S and RA Beazer said...

I love your hair, but I think they cut the little one's hair a bit short. It will grow.

Shellee said...

Love your hair. I can not stand my hair against my neck once temps get above 85. I think the length is equally as flattering too.

So, my only experience with a round brush was with my own hair until Bre, and I now understand your troubles. I honest just blow dry her with a vented brush and then once she's dry, I flat iron it. Much easier than trying to untangle a round brush.

p.s.- that yummy little baby of yours is about to have her thighs squeezed. Why can't adult knee fat be as adorable as an infants?