Monday, June 8, 2009

if only we lived in NYC...

we would have a greater chance at landing on this show:

ben is addicted. i began to get suspicious when he would voluntarily give the baby her bedtime bottle. not that he doesn't help out, he does. it's just that he was so darn eager.

i would be doing other things while he was feeding leah, and every so often i would hear him speaking out loud. at first i thought he was having conversations with our 3 month old, which i thought was sweet. but suddenly i would hear words come out, like:


"white snow leopard."


"loch ness monster."

and i thought, what in the world is he talking to her about? is he reading the encyclopedia as a good night story? decided to challenge her to a quick game of trivial pursuit? could he possibly be able to diagnose himself with turrets syndrome? i mean, he also talks to cheese doesn't he?

not only that, but what would normally take 10-15 minutes began to take longer. 20 minutes. 25. when it got over 30, i began to peek my head in. i didn't want him thinking i was micro-managing, but what in the world was taking so long?

so i finally peeked in. only to realize that my husband, heaven bless him, was talking out loud to the t.v. as soon as i entered the room he said,

"sweetie! i just won us nine hundred dollars!"

"really?" i am elated. "how?"

"well...i mean, i would have won us nine hundred dollars..." he trails off with a proud grin on his face.

i am impressed. not as impressed as i was with myself for winning $25,000 dollars on "who wants to be a millionaire: celebrity edition" without having to use ANY lifelines, but i was still impressed.

since that day, we have gotten frequent daily visits from ben bailey and his crazy light-up taxi cab. and truth be told, i am honestly amazed at the amount of knowledge that my ben has stored up in his noggin. he may not remember what we have scheduled for the weekend, or that leah's middle name has a "y" in it, but if you ask him questions about literature, geography, mythical creatures, religious history, or what the name is of "the desperate housewives" street flower, he will know what's up.

and that's why we are such a great match. i remember the schedule and how to spell our childrens' names, he remembers everything else.

two halves make a whole, people.

heaven help us if we ever get to take a vacation to the big apple. because i have a feeling that instead of spending our time sight-seeing, we will spend our time searching for this magical cab of cash. but hey, if we can walk away with $900 bucks in our pocket when the trip is over with, it would be worth it to me. watch out, ben bailey. we're comin' for ya.

other than this new obsession: i am working on finishing "adventures with the MKS." sadly, we only have 2 days left. there might be a few tears shed, i'll admit it.

and for a quick leah fix, head to the private blog. need an invite? leave a comment.


Brandon and Emily said...

We love the Cash Cab. Even try only to ride in minivan taxis when we were in NY, but not light up ceiling tiles for us.

Clancy Pants said...

Groovy! I love useless trivia. Sounds like it's not so useless, thanks to Ben Bailey (whoever he is!)

I'd like an invite, if you please!

kedwards said...

I love this show! Ben Bailey's facial expressions are hilarious! Comedy and trivia? What could be better!

Wheat Family said...

So what's ben going to spend his "$900" on? Or your "$25,00"? What smarties you are!

Jake, Jill & Jenna said...

That's awesome! We love Cash Cab. Back when I was using the treadmill (it's been 5 months *cough* cough*) I would get on after dinner and this show was the only decent thing on. Jenna started watching it with me and would ask to watch it even the treadmill and I broke up.

P.S. i'd like to invite myself to your private blog!

Christy said...

I used to be able to see your private blog, and now I cannot. is the one I use to sign in. Hope you are doing well.