Monday, June 15, 2009

my week with the MKS: day 6. watch me reverse!

though you can't tell by looking at me that i am directionally-challenged, what you can tell by looking at me is that i am vertically challenged.

at a mere 4'11" (and 1/2!) one of the things i dislike while driving is: reversing. it seems no matter how hard i try, turning and twisting around, checking my side & rearview mirrors, i have a difficult time backing up a car. (unlike my husband, who prides himself on his reversing skills)

enter the MKS. solving my problems yet again.
as soon as you shift into "reverse," this is what pops up on your screen:

look! that's me reversing out of the parking lot.
not only making things easier on me, but safer as well.

you can see if there's another car, a bike, a small child,
or an animal behind you before you have to slam on the breaks.

perks. this car is full of 'em.

1 comment:

Angela said...

I love this feature too! I just drove my sister's Ford truck recently and got to use the back up camera for the first time. Love it!!