Tuesday, June 2, 2009

latest on miss chubbins

as you can tell she loves to eat her hands.
the mostly naked pictures were taken when she was sleep deprived
so that should explain the pink eyes and serious faces.
she is so cute though, she smiles and has the funniest laugh.
she's just about to roll over...
when we get her on her tummy with a little help she stays there forever,
laying propped on her elbows and just smiling.
she has a strong neck & back which i attribute to her weeks of screaming.
exercising more than just her lungs, you know?

sorry some of the pictures are blurry & some are clear.
working with a low-budget camera, non-photoshopped pictures,
and moving child can make that happen.

she has upgraded nicknames from caleb.
no longer "sweet pie," she's now called
"lil sweets."

we're loving this chunky piece of baby.


Doug and Tiff said...

she's so cute!! i love her chubby cheeks!!

Shellee said...

Very cute. I'm hoping to get in a squeeze of my own this summer. Let me know if you pin down dates.

Brian & Chelsey said...

She is so cute and happy! I hope mine is as cute and happy as yours!!

Joel and Carrie said...

I love the new and improved blog with giganto pictures and all! Thanks for the invite my dear!