Friday, June 12, 2009

my week with the MKS: day 2. rear A/C vents!

thursdays for our family are difficult.

ben has picked up an overnight graveyard shift job to try to make ends meet. while i truly appreciate all he does for our family, it also causes the kids & i to be more cooped up in the apartment. because he has school on thursdays and then goes straight to work after class, it means that i don't have a car from thursday morning until friday morning. we usually try to go outside in the mornings, but at 9am it's getting pretty toasty these days.

and even though we have a swimming pool at our complex, caleb can't swim on his own and the baby can't get in the pool because we haven't started her immunizations yet. so what's a mom of 2 to do?

usually i get creative in the apartment trying to keep my 4 year old from going crazy...which in turn, causes me to go crazy. :)

luckily, thanks to Ford, we got to have complete freedom this thursday!
so why the long face, you ask?

well let's just say that the wee lassy doesn't like her carseat. as soon as we got in the car, the screaming began. and once she starts crying, caleb starts yelling.

***Ford, this is where i would like to add one teeny-tiny suggestion to add to this wonderful car. what do you think about a soundproof glass that can lower & raise at the touch of a button? just think about it, that's all i'm asking. :)

but then i realized, hey! we're out and about! on a thursday! for the first time in months! and so, i decided that backseat screaming or not, i was going to cheer up. and i did.

we set off for the "toy store" (also known as the dollar store) so that caleb could spend his hard-earned allowance money.

after that, we went to a kid-friendly fast food restaurant so that caleb could run and play as much as he liked. he ran so much that on the way home, he chugged a drink of water. in our own car, after about 5 minutes, the kids are roasting in the back seat with bright red cheeks and sweaty backs. and that's with the A/C going full-blast up front.

luckily, in the MKS, with the handy rear A/C vents, the kids stayed nice and cool.


as we came home, caleb asked,

"momma, could we keep this new car forever?"

and i sighed and said, "i wish."

and looked forward to tomorrow.

ps-i am going to just post the original posts with pictures of the kiddos & all for the MKS week, instead of linking over to the private blog with the pictures.. i'm posting these on 3 different websites & don't have the energy for the copying, pasting, deleting, and linking. sad but true.
so enjoy it while it lasts! it's sure easier for me. :)

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elisha said...

Yeah for the dollar store! What a great place. My parents used to wish for the glass window as well. I am glad you found me. (I just found your comment.) We are south of tucson for now until who knows when. Keep in touch and I hope you have a great day!