Wednesday, June 17, 2009

episode 12: dana

i thought this episode was really interesting...showing a "non-traditional" family of 2009. a stay at home dad & a working mom! i love to see how they make it work for them & reserve the weekends so that their adorable baby girl kendall still bonds with her mom.

that little girl is so cute, she could be a model!
anyway, enjoy the episode here.

ps-as soon as i start feeling better i will take a picture of my hair & post it.


ohmylanta said...

Isn't that crazy?! Honestly, I could see my hubby doing well as the stay at home parent if we only had one child. Four kids would just tear him apart day in day out. ha ha ha

Hey Lyns, if you are still having a hard time adjusting to your new hair, I'll make you feel better. I just asked a friend to give me blonde highlights....... that's right - a "home job". Ummmmmmmm I look like I took the top layers of my hair and dipped them in a yellow can of paint! People will probaby assume that I headed down to the beauty school for a cheap attempt!

You know..... I'd post a picture to prove it, but then my friend would undoubtedly find her way to my blog. I wouldn't want to make her feel bad. Hey..... you win some you lose some - know what I mean? And it's all in the name of CHEAP!

At least you were smart and just paid to have it done WELL. I bet you look so cute. Can't wait for a picture.

Dana Broderick said...

wow. that is impressive! i could NEVER see Ryan doing that! i'm just not used to seeing a Dad that stays at home but it works for them and he looks like handles things really well. it's funny cause he looks like such a manly man and so sporty but then doing the laundry! :) Anyway that was a fun episode.

I can't wait to see the new do too. :)