Monday, June 15, 2009

my week with the MKS: day 5. navigation!

i am not great with directions. ask anyone who knows me well.
even with my google map printed and directly in front of me, i have a tendency to get lost when going somewhere new.

so when i jumped in the MKS on sunday with the hopes of finding a new park, it only took a few wrong turns to realize that i was lost. for a moment, i panicked. then i remembered that i wasn't in my car, i was in the MKS. with a built-in navigation system.

and again, it's all hands-free. so there was no need to pull over, just touch the voice button on the steering wheel again, and the "car voice" as caleb calls it, answers me. i make my request and name the title of the park i'm looking for.

and whalah!

up pops the directions, showing my car as it's traveling along. i could also check live traffic if i wanted to. seriously, what didn't Ford think of? we arrived at the park quickly and were able to enjoy our afternoon. completely relaxed, without getting lost. for the directionally-challenged, that in itself made it a fantastic day.

don't make fun of leah's hat. i accidentally brought the one that was 3 sizes too big. oh well.


Angela said...

Wow! What an awesome car...navigation system, hands free phone calls, and I would definitely take air-conditioned seats! I've never even heard of that before but way cool! You've done a great job reviewing the car on your blog. Maybe you should get a job with Ford's advertising department!

Toby and Tammy said...

Love the car and I don't even like Fords! I WANT and NEED air-conditioned seats...

And the hands free phone?!? Love it.

Guess my 1990 Honda Accord isn't all that it's cracked up to be.... :) Oh well, at least it's paid off and still runs......ha ha ha

someday--I'll be driving my Lexus.

Kristen said...

I love your blog and enjoy hearing all about the MKS. Who knew cars could be so great?! One day . . . Ha ha! I also love that picture with you and Leah--you're both beautiful! I agree--you should be getting paid for advertising for Ford!