Monday, June 15, 2009

my week with the MKS: day 7. saying goodbye.

yes, it's true. we had to give this beauty back. this emotion is real, folks.

i cleared out the carseats from the backseat. sigh. such lovely white leather.
and amazingly enough... once the week was over... it was still white.

what will i miss?

well, specifically:

the start/stop push button ignition.

the keyless entry. the hands-free phone.

the navigation system.

the reverse camera feature.

the electric-powered seats, adjusting not only the seat but the steering wheel as well. genius for short folks! again!

the space. oh, the space. i wish i had taken a picture of what caleb looks like in our own car. cramped, with his little feet stuck out to the side instead of being able to sit naturally forward. there was a ton of room for him to kick his legs to the beat of the music without kicking the driver's seat in front of him.

and for families with kids who beat each other up? not a problem here. there is so much space in the backseat that only an adult's arms could reach across to smack their sibling or steal their toy. and hopefully, by the time their arms can reach, they've outgrown the phase.

the trunk button that is at eye-level instead of down by your feet.

the A/C seats.

the rear vents for the kids.

okay, i could go on but i think you get the idea. what will i miss the absolute most? this:

being able to tip the rear view mirror down and see my reflection smiling back.

i will miss sitting in this driver's seat. a big thank you to Ford for letting us drive this lovely piece of machinery. for a family with a husband juggling school and work, this not only allowed me the freedom to get out with my children when i normally couldn't, but to get out in comfort and style.

need us to test drive anything else? just let us know, we'd sign up for that in a heartbeat.

with love, lynsey

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