Monday, July 6, 2009

celebrating the land of the home and the free and the brave...

here we are on the 4th at a barbecue.
notice how none of us are wearing red, white or blue. no, we didn't plan it that way.
that's just how we roll...not good on the "plan ahead" aspect.

we had a great time, even though it was a bummer that we had to get home before fireworks. grateful that ben has a job, but this overnight weekend shift is killer on our social lives, not to mention holiday fun.
oh well, could be worse, right?

think this baby's going to have brown eyes? i'm sure hoping so!

other than that, i'm just struggling a bit here.
trying to find time and energy to exercise, organize and re-evaluate who i am right now.
going through an adjustment i guess, so if i don't blog much, that's why.


Mike and Jenny said...

Cute family picture!

Marci Ward said...

Leah is so big! You are adorable and I love you!

Shellee said...

I can't help but repeat myself... squeeze that cute baby for me. I'm not sure if her eyes will be green or brown (or hazel), but she justs reminds me of my halle bug, and I kind of want squish(hug) her and kiss her for a while.

I like your episodes. They're funny and realistic. Good thing they didn't ask me about body image. I had zero confidence growing up. It took a greater perspective on life to change that.

ps- still loving your hair. and the mention of the plastic couch.