Thursday, July 9, 2009

my sister is a TV star!!

hey there,

my amazing sister lauren, who runs
was featured today on utah's channel 5 program "studio 5" on ksl!

click on this link to watch her talk about carschooling.
and see video of my cute niece & nephew & beautiful sister.

congratulations lauren, you are fabulous!

***and ps, tiffany, great job on her hair!


Wheat Family said...

You do have a very awesome sister! How cool to be recognized for entertainment in the car! Much better than movies, this was great advice and tips! (Lauren also has an amazing sister too, I learn so much from your posts)

ohmylanta said...

Wow Lyns, your sister really is a supermom. I know the concept of learning activities in the car should be a no brainer, but I can honestly say.... that thought hasn't really crossed my mind. If you could ride in my car for ten minutes you would be wondering (just like my mother did when she came to visit this last week) why in the world I haven't done something to occupy my kids busy minds while I drive around town.

I'm telling you - car time with my kids is a nightmare. So....thankyou to your creative sister (that must be a family thing.....really not fair that so much creativity be wrapped up in one family) and thank you for posting!!

I'll have to start packing up a backpack!!

Mick and Tiff said...

Thanks... I had fun doing Lauren's hair. I always like to meet up with my old neighbors whom I LOVE!!!

Lauren did great on the show btw.