Monday, July 27, 2009

think she's sleeping?

so did i.

think again.

(of course, as soon as she saw me, it started crying fest 2009. awesome.)


The Pyne's said...

oh my gosh....I could just EAT her!! She is so precious and I love it when you go in to check on/look at them they open their eyes and look at you and then you try and sneak out and they CRY!! Anywho, LOVE the pictures. Hope all is well!

Shellee said...

She is so cute!

Mike and Jenny said...

She is too stinking cute. Sleep is overated right? Good luck with that. I hate when they should be sleeping and they don't, it stinks for everyone!

Jake, Jill, Jenna said...

We have that same bassinet! In fact, I just spent all afternoon trying to figure out how the crud the top comes off because I wanted to wash it!