Thursday, July 2, 2009

our own little mary poppins

yesterday miss leah had her 4 month check up. and we heard the blessed words:

50th percentile!

in weight, (12 lbs. 13 oz), height (24 1/2 in) head (16 in)

straight across the board.

the doctor said,
"she's practically perfect" and we'd have to agree.

she is a rolling fool, and also does the sniper belly scoot when there's something out of her reach. she's now been switched from soy formula (because it was constipating) to normal formula. and she's doing fantastically.
still sleeps a big chunk of 8 hours each night.

she loves to grab her toys and gets mad if she can't stuff them all the way inside her little mouth. she loves to hear her own voice and has become quite the yeller.

she laughs a lot, and is ticklish on her arms and ribs.
she refuses a binkie...we think it's because she doesn't want to be stifled. so whatever, it works.

she is a content, happy little girl who makes our sunny AZ days just a bit sunnier.

she has a fantastic double chin, which ben & i realized made it difficult to see if she had any swollen lymph nodes when she was sick a couple of weeks ago. we couldn't stop laughing as we continued to search through the blub. (never could figure it out)

we can't resist smooching her all over whenever she's awake--or asleep.
especially her neck fat or toes.

and i'm pretty sure, if you were around her, you wouldn't be able to resist either.


Brian & Chelsey said...

she is so cute!!!

Shellee said...

so, when do we get to see her (and you)??? Any plans yet?
and congrats on the perfect baby. They're hard to come by.

The Pyne's said...

practically perfect in every that little mary poppins of yours! I seriously just want to smooch her myself, but it doesn't work well with the computer screen! and um look at you taking on another child....I know we will atleast have one more, but I keep thinking can I actually handle another one, and then I keep thinking I still have a long while before I want to actually get pregnant so then we will see. And um that cute little girl is 2 1/2 that you watch...and she's potty trained?!??!!?!?!?? ok, conner just turned 4, and still despises the toilet, so alas we just keep on waiting. anywho, love the pics and how sweet caleb is with his little sister!!! unlike someone I know in this household.....