Thursday, July 9, 2009

it may not mean much to you, but...

today, this kid

was able to jump for the first time, with both feet at a time!

we know this is a skill that most 1 or 2 year olds have already mastered. but either lack of strength in his legs, or coordination, caleb has been unable to do it. as small as it sounds to most parents, this was a milestone we have been waiting to see him conquer.

and tonight, during a jumping-on-his-bed-fest before his nightly prayer, ben and i saw him jump with both feet. we told him to do it again. then again. we clapped and cheered, even though caleb really didn't know what he had done that was so spectacular.

then i pulled him off of his bed to see if he could do it on firm ground. it wasn't as strong, but he still did it.

such a little thing, but it brought on some big smiles.


The Pyne's said...

Yay for caleb!! I know that this is such a huge accomplishment. I remember all that we would talk about on our walks and how conner was developing quickly in his motor skills, but caleb definitely had his mental skills totally sky rocketing.....still to this day I believe it's all true. and um by the way, your sister makes me feel like the WORST mother in the entire world!!!! I watched her clip online and thought "wow, we listen to rock music and barey even talk in the car while we are driving. I SUCK!!!!!" anywho, tell her that she totally deserves to be getting all these free little things that she gets and getting to be on TV, because she seriously is a great mom. Then there's me.....I just try to get through the day without me or the kids killing each other!!

anywho, hope you have a great day!

Becky Slivka said...

Good Job Caleb! As a parent I totally understand how cool it is when your kids do something new, no matter how old they are. I am going to watch the clip after my kids are in bed . . . now my interest is totally perked. We can't wait to get together, we'll call you after our trip to Utah. You don't even have to brign a treat, just your fun family and we'll be happy.