Friday, April 9, 2010


when i straighten my hair, i love the unusual smoothness of it (as opposed to what i encounter on a normal day), but am faced with the issue that it falls flat up top. it takes a little work to not look like a drowned rat, and unfortunately i don't have the face to get away with such styles as this:

(though speaking quite honestly i think i could rock that dress. okay speaking more honestly, i really don't think i could.)

i think it has something to do with the lovely roundness of my cheeks. (i will call them lovely to make myself feel better about this characteristic.)

i'm afraid poor leah is going to face this life-long struggle of flat-hair vs. rotund cheeks.

poor gal.

luckily, years ago i was shown a a technique that overcomes this struggle.

i knew i looked funny, but it was worth it.

that is, until caleb saw this movie:

and now, every time i get out of the shower he says to me,

"mom! do your hair like the were-rabbit!"

keeping me humble, of course. (he's so very good at that.)

so i decided to do a picture-comparison.

with my best were-rabbit face to give you an accurate depiction.


what do you think? is it a good likeness of me?


do you think i should wear my hair like this while sporting heidi klum's dress?

because i'm kind of leaning toward yes.


Rachel Chick said...

HA! Is that a dress? It looks a little like someone just pinned some fabric around her . . . AND I LOVE your picture!!! LOL!!! SO, SO, so funny! You make me laugh so much. I love you -- even more than that picture!

Andrea said...

You are a fine specimen. So So fine.

Rachel H. said...

YOU CRACK ME UP!!! Soooo funny. :) I love that hairstyle on you--it really accentuates your teeth. :)