Friday, April 23, 2010

just before my kids get sick,

i often realize that i had just been thinking about how especially "pretty" their features look.

their eyes are just a bit brighter....

their cheeks just a bit rosier...

eyelashes darker...

lips a deep shade of red...

which was exactly what i was thinking about leah a couple of nights ago when she woke up crying. i thought maybe it was a tooth busting through {because isn't that what it always is? i seriously looooathe teething} so i got her up to get her a teething tablet.

i kept thinking, wow! she really is a beautiful little girl! look at her coloring! her red lips! her long dark eyelashes!

and just then


and i had to unfortunately realize:

that her eyes weren't bright, but glassy

and her cheeks & lips weren't rosy, but flush with a fever.

i guess it's a good thing i'm not a doctor.

because i have a feeling that when my patients would come in to have me diagnose them i would no doubt instead find myself wrapping them in feather boas and putting flowers in their hair to have them pose for pictures.

{of course while idiotically spouting off remarks about their amazing coloring and eyes so bright you could get lost in them.}


The Pyne's said...

ahhh, the smell of throw-up. My personal, NOT favorite, most disgusting smell in the universe. sorry it had to happen upon you, but glad that you got some LOVELY pics of your incredibly gorgeous, rosy faced, red lipped little girl!!!! This is so something that would happen to me!!! hope all is going better. =)

ohmylanta said...

Oh man!! Sounds like you had a fun week last week ;)