Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easter 2010 style.

we had a fun and busy weekend, starting off with caleb's first official soccer game and an easter party with friends right after.

on sunday the kids woke up to run around and find their easter baskets. which brings me to my favorite picture of the weekend...quite possibly my favorite picture this year so far:

this was leah's face when she found her basket.

and here she is shaking the eggs so hard that we ended up having to tape hers shut so she wouldn't eat the jelly beans inside and choke.

we don't go all out for easter (my motto is to start out small & simple so there's low expectations for next year :) so they each had a couple of eggs, a small stuffed animal and some bubbles.

then we got cleaned up and went down to casa grande for a delicious easter dinner.
honey baked ham & turkey, fabulous rolls, deviled eggs, green beans, cheesy potatoes, home made banana cream pie and coconut cupcakes.
holy moly we were stuffed.

the kids played while we set up for another easter egg hunt. ben was in charge of hiding the eggs and i think he thought he was hiding eggs for adults instead of small kids because it took them a good 20 minutes to find them all.

here are the boys ready for the hunt.

leah was satisfied with just one egg.

here i am, unknowingly having my picture taken. don't i look lovely? right.

the master egg hider.
not the most flattering angle for either of them but they're still cute....er, handsome.

as we drove the hour home, the kids were in the backseat talking to each other and i turned around to see this:

second favorite picture of the year.

we were so happy to have been able to spend time together and with people we love. and mostly to remember the reason we have this holiday. we talked with caleb about the life of jesus, the example he set for us to follow, his death and resurrection. how he made it possible so that we can do the same.

when we were through with the story caleb said, "oh dad, i'm so glad jesus is feeling better!"

and that's a wrap on easter 2010.


Rachel Chick said...

My goodness, you make adorable children! SO cute!!! I love Leah's pretty little dress with her red lips. :) So pretty. And speaking of pretty, Andrea's pie looks incredible!!! How could she stand to cut it? It's so perfect! Anyway, I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter! I so wish we could come down to be with you all . . . Nels and I really need to plan a vacation. Seriously, though, how do we plan it without our kids? You haven't even met half of them . . . and yet, how do we plan it WITH them??? The whole year always seems so busy -- especially summer. -- Needless to say, we really want to come visit sometime - someday. Until then, I love your posts and the fun pictures of your little kiddos. :)

S and RA Beazer said...

a perfect family as usual. It's nice you can spend time witht he goldings.

Fawn Becker said...

I LOVE the pic of Leah & her eggs! Soooo cute! And, C & L holding hands=priceless :) So glad you could come to the egg hunt!

Mike and Jenny said...

Love Leah's dress and the picture of you two :)

Kira said...

Such adorable pictures! Leah's surprised face is way funny. How do you get your kids to hold hands? I need some lessons. So cute!!!

The Pyne's said...

Lynsey, you look good at any angle!!! and LOVE, love almost brought tears to my eyes, picture of your incredibly adorable children holding hands!!!! Seriously, you guys are the greatest parents ever, because our kids NEVER hold hands and I swear at most times they don't even like each other. I just LOVE your little family!!!! You guys are seriously going to have like 6 kids and they are all going to be GORGEOUS and love each other {you just wait and see!!!}. I love you guys and are such great examples of someone to follow. Thanks for your friendship, hope we get to see you guys sometime in the future!!! coming to NY anytime?!?!?! =)

Rachel H. said...

HOW I LOVE those pics you love. I can absolutely see WHY! They are perfect! :)

How fun to spend time with the Goldings--they are such a fun family! :) And the food looks insanely delicious! :)

ohmylanta said...

How do you manage to snap the cutest photos? Seriously.....I always miss those moments by a nano second! Leah's surprised face - so cute! Any that pie.... Oh my! (I'm going to keep my Easter sugar confessions to myself)

That is a nice picture of you Lyns. Your eye make up is so well blended ;)

Looks like a great weekend... Sunny weather, bright colors, flowery dresses, little Leah and her tan skin and kids holding hands in the car. It doesn't get better than that!

Becky Slivka said...

The picture of them holding hands is so darling, and the lighting was so good! So lucky you caught it. Your kids are darling, and your Easter looks basically like ours - life is good. By the way, I love Caleb's mustache.

Brian & Chelsey said...

FUN! I love that pic of them holding hands...that is just tooooo precious!! Such cute kids!!!