Tuesday, April 20, 2010

caleb's pearls

a few weeks ago we took caleb for his first (gasp! yes he's almost 5) dentist visit. aside from not being able to close his mouth over the plastic x-ray thingers without gagging, the visit went fantastically well. he wasn't scared and said that the dentist cleaning his teeth tickled.

no cavities. phew.

side note: have your kids had to get x-rays? i didn't know that they would do that, i just thought he would get the initial cleaning & exam but the dentist swore that he did this for all the kids...and said that he couldn't really tell if caleb had cavities or not because he didn't get the x-rays.

so he said we had to go back in 6 months and try for the x-rays again. (is it just my cynical attitude thinking that he wants to get more moolah out of us?)

i don't know where he got this from, but every time caleb brushes his teeth he looks in the mirror and says,

"how are my pearls, mom? do you like my pearls?"


Rachel H. said...

Oh man, I gag EVERY time I get x-rays. EVERY TIME...and I am 30...not 5. :)

What a brave little guy with such beautiful PEARLS! :)

K Harker said...

I know that they do need the x-rays initially to see if they have cavities but after that they should not need another whole set taken. You should just play it by ear (if a tooth looks questionable or is hurting, sensitive etc.) then you'd take a single x-ray of the bothered area and go from there.

At least that is how it worked for me growing up (my mom has worked for a dentist all my life) For me and my kids, right now they have had their first set of x-rays taken and have not had any since then, since we take good care of their teeth,there is really no need.

any way I hope that helps.

congrats on a good first Dentist visit for Caleb!

I'd keep up on the going every six months though, it really is good for them to know they need to keep their mouths healthy and show the Dentist every six months. It's better to catch things earlier rather than let it slide and regret it later. You DO NOT want to have your 5 year old get cavities filled, not fun!

I'm not just saying all this cause my hubby is going to be a Dentist and it'll put money in his pocket ;) I really do believe it is a healthy habit and a way to keep on top of their oral health. I don't think people realize how important oral health really is, you'd be surprised how many diseases are connected to bad oral health. OKAY I'll step off my soap box now!

Andrea said...

Yeah my kids get x-rays once a year and cleanings every six months. And...I do love his "pearls."

lynsey said...

good to know about the x-rays & definitely good tips about having them get used to the dentist by going every 6 mos. thanks!

aubrey said...

On our first visit to the pediatric dentist with both of our older kids we were told that Noah (7 this summer), already had a really bad cross bite and Tess' mouth was already really crowded (she just turned 5). And we left with several referrals for orthodontists...