Monday, April 12, 2010

my brown eyed girl

i was seriously hoping against hope that this little gal would have brown eyes.

of course i would have loved the color no matter what, but growing up i always wanted brown eyes.
so now i just get to live vicariously through hers.


S and RA Beazer said...

BEAUTIFUL little girl. Like her mother.

Michele said...

She is so pretty! All my boys have brown eyes and I'm wondering if I will ever get a child with something different. Probably not!

Brian & Chelsey said...

She has got Beuatiful eyes!!! I keep trying to decide who she looks more like, you or Ben...It changes every time I see a pic of her! She is a cutie! and I LOVE how you handled the whole sacrament thing...I actually plan on doing the same! Im glad I wont be the only mom out there doing it! Love the rules to and that you have them posted to be seen...its hard enough for kids to remember them, so that reminder is great! Have to say I will be taking a page out of your book! :)

The Pyne's said...

Lynsey- can I just say how much I LOVE you!?!?!!?!?!! Seriously though, even though you don't think you are perfect....I swear you are!! =)

I LOVE little miss brown eyes!! Leah is just so incredibly GORGEOUS I don't think it would matter what color her eyes were. Conner and Eric both have brown eyes and I always wanted the super bright blue eyes that most baby's have but, that's ok, because I LOVE their eyes now!!!

um, ABSOLUTELY love the RULES idea!!! you guys come up with the GREATEST, most clever ideas about parenting!!! So I'll make sure to steal that idea of yours and see if it works. Just curious got any ideas for having accidents EVERY single day?!??!!? and what are your consequences for breaking any of your rules?!?!?! Because time outs seem to not be goin any good any more!!!!!

-am so in love with the were rabbit look!! I totally think you could pull it off with any dress!!!

love ya guys, and miss ya lots!! hope all is well!! =)