Sunday, November 16, 2008

a home-made toddler bomb.

what do you get when you combine 1/2 tablet of this:

and this:

shaken up a little & given to your 3-yr old in this??

an explosive, citrus-y mess. that doesn't stop spraying your shocked son's face until the cup is almost empty. we're hoping that some of the vitamin C that went up his nose will help him feel a little better. but don't try this at home folks, unless you're prepared for a rockin' good time.


Lindsay Jane said...

This is too funny. Poor little guy and FYI..they have proven that air born is a crock and does not work, but I'm just saying. I'm so sad I could not see this science project in person.

Miss your guts!

Rachel H. said...

Oh gosh! I can only imagine. Poor thing! Will probably never drink OJ again! :)

Mike and Jenny said...

Sorry I had quite the chuckle at Caleb's expense. I have done hot chocolate for my kids in those things and shook them up as well and the same thing happens. I guess it's too much pressure :)

Brooke said...

"Neat Trick!!" I'm glad it was just juice and not FIRE!!! That could have been scary.

Lauren Horsley said...

When I first read this I thought those ingredients had been mixed up INSIDE Caleb and then exploded out of him! It was great because when I realized what had really happened, I was quite relieved.