Wednesday, November 26, 2008

take 2.

went to twilight again last night with cousin dana. and let me say to those of you skeptics who think the second time's a charm is a load, to you i say humble yourselves and give it a try. because for me it was just the ticket.

speaking of tickets, when did movies go up to $9.50? rip off with a capital R.

no it did not take away the awkwardness of the entire forest scene, nor did it suddenly turn jasper into someone who can act like he was in a movie instead of in a commercial for x-lax.

but it definitely was a ton more enjoyable & forgivable the second time around. so go, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

to dana
, i'm sorry you got exiled from being able to go again with a group because you weren't allowed to "bash," but am selfishly happy because it's so fun to hang out with you. not just because you shared the same opinion of the movie the first time, but also because you are direction-challenged (like myself) and easy to talk to & be around.

and there was only one awkward moment, but luckily it wasn't from you. it was being called "sweetheart" in a creepy voice by some strange fella as he opened the door for us.

who knew big bellies were guy magnets? i guess i really need to start workin' it.

ps-to those die-hards who are mad at the skeptics of the movie, i am trying to make up. i mean look who's in the #2 of the playlist. robbie himself. interesting voice, ben & i kinda like it. he didn't make #1, but that's because everytime i hear my opening song it puts me in a good mood.


Francis and Fawn Becker said...

Did you wear your Bella shirt??

MARIE said...

I'm glad you liked it better the second time. So did I. Still not in love with the sucking venom part.

Dana Broderick said...

I thought you were talking about that awkward part where I meant to touch your arm! :)

Thanks for the good laugh. I laughed all through that post, as I did last night! Our directionally challenged minds and that old man hitting on pregnant chicks made for quite a night!

love ya Lyns! so fun to hang out with you!