Monday, November 24, 2008


people are probably not that interested in whether or not i liked the twilight movie, but i will give my opinion anyway. why? because i'm entitled to it.

i did not go in there with high expectations that everything would be perfect, i have only read the books once & did not have them memorized. i know that movies cannot stick exactly to the storyline and they do their best to please fans & non-fans.

that being said.

1) jasper. there was something seriously wrong with him. i know that he was supposed to be having a hard time being around bella, but seriously he looked more like a 2008 cheesy edward scissorhands than anything. he stole every scene he was in, and not in a good way. i kept waiting for him to start trimming some bushes with his hands.

2) the poor, poor makeup jobs on a few of the characters, namely carlisle. to me he looked like he had been sticking his face in a jar of flour right before he popped on the set. there were a few others i thought were over-the-top but carlisle took the cake.

3) the crazy annoying 80's electric guitar background music that made a couple of scenes laughable, when they weren't supposed to be. my family & i have always been big on good soundtracks & how they affect the movie. and this one did. each time the butt rock guitar solo came on, i felt like i was watching a bad soap opera.

that being said there were definite moments that i felt had real potential & i am hoping that with a bigger budget, the other two movies will be made. i have been told to go & see it again knowing all of these things are what they are & just to enjoy it. and i think i will, in a few weeks when i don't have to wait in line with screaming teens.

ps-highly recommend a 10:30 pm showing. the crowds were still there, but it was much more mature so we didn't have to hear yips and yelps when edward entered the room. and i'm thankful for that. will post pictures soon.


campblondie said...

You are entitled and I appreciate the insight. As I will not be seing it, I will take your word for it.

Dana Broderick said...

i just wrote all about it on my blog. some likes, some dislikes. i'm hoping the second is better but i need to see it again! want to go with me? what are your plans for Thanksgiving? i'll email you...

Lauren Horsley said...

Butt rock music! Totally!

I'm pretty much with you in all respects. However, you kinda gave me a "heads up" which I think helped. When Carlisle walked in the first time I wasn't like "What the crap is all over his face?" I was like - "Ok, THIS is what Lyns was talking about".

Having been prepared for some of its failings, I really enjoyed it. It was a teen romance flick. It didn't change my life, and it wasn't supposed to. But it was entertaining. And whew! The romance was hotter than a werewolf's chest.

SusieQ said...

I won't go into all MY rants and raves, but I also used Edward Scissorhands to describe Jasper to my hubby when I was telling him all that was wrong with the movie! And, honestly, could they not have spent just a tad more on the special effects?

Marci Ward said...

I am with you on the whole Edward Scissorhands, I totally thought that is what he looked like. I was a tad disappointed even knowing I would be disappointed!
The scene in the tree where Edward is going to either fall out of the tree or land on Bella...I'm just not sure what was going on there.
I must say I was also very sad about their choice for Edward, but I won't cry myself to sleep about it after seeing the movie. No one could ever live up to what i saw in my head I guess. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Jenny said...

i totally agree you with you on the jasper and make up thing. Bugged me, not as much as the annoying tweenies that sat behind me giggeling at every kiss.

Shellee said...


I think we would have liked it better if we were say 13?

Still fun though. Snip- snip.