Tuesday, November 25, 2008

mOrNiNg eXeRcIsEs

here is caleb joining me for my morning exercise video. this is the part where you use a chair to do some nasty leg lifts.

and here is caleb 5 minutes later.

and for the rest of the time you can either find him doing this,

or climbing all over me like a monkey. when he gets in those moods it doesn't matter what i bribe him with, he refuses to leave me alone to find my chi in my child's pose and deep breathing. so we are going to have to come up with a new routine.

to those mothers who set their alarms to go off before their kids wake up so they can get some decent calorie burning in, i tip my hat to you. but i was thinking something more along the lines of either a benadryl-induced morning nap for caleb, or giving into the "no cookies before lunch" rule.

this is where you sit back in awe of reading a post from the mother of the year.


Francis and Fawn Becker said...

You mean you don't enjoy doing child's pose with an actual child on your back?? OH and mother of the year is right here sweetheart giving Kai my cell phone and a cookie so I can read your blog. Somebody get this kid some raw peas!!

Mike and Jenny said...

So not in awe Lynsey. You just gave me some ideas for working out :)

The Hunter's said...

I am just impressed you are working out pregnant! I always use that as an excuse. And lately I have no excuse, I just cannot manage to do it. It's time for a new routine here too!!!!