Tuesday, November 18, 2008

we love nana!

a couple of weeks ago we got a cute package from my mom...it took me a little while to upload these photos. but anyway, caleb loves nana packages because they always have special treats inside for him.

inside was...

dora workbooks, which he loves & we immediately got to work on.

a potty training video...let's say our prayers it works!

several adorable little girl outfits (cameraman didn't take specific shots of these, sorry. just know my mom has great taste), a headband, a book for me (which was read in 2 days) and ben's favorite thing...

a back massager!! though i have to admit, i have made ben use it more on me than i've used it on him. caleb liked to hold it up to his eyes so everything looks blue.

thank you for the wonderful package, nana! we love you and miss you!


Rachel H. said...

What an awesome surprise package! I am really happy for you--those kinds of things just make it a great day, huh?

campblondie said...

packages in the mail no matter the size or shape are always welcome am I right?

Amy Btw M said...

Just a comment on the potty training. First of all good luck. It took my little guy a few months of hair pulling before he has started going on his own. We checked out a couple of videos at the library that he really liked. One is Potty Power by Mazzarella Media. www.mazz.com The other was Potty Time with Bear from the Bear in the Big Blue House show. They both have some somewhat annoying songs for mom, but the kids love them. Once again good luck.

Lauren Horsley said...

Say these words with me:

"Potty Presents"
and "Pooey Party".

Now get ready to say them about 10 times a day for the next 2 months. Fun, eh?

But baby, THEY WORK.

Lauren Horsley said...

Oh and wanted to chime in here:

We love Nana too!