Friday, May 22, 2009

a switcheroo

so after being contacted by the Ford agent, i will no longer be driving this:

but instead will be driving THIS!:

a 2009 lincoln MKS.
she mentioned on the email that she hoped i wouldn't be disappointed. um, no.
i'm just now freaked out of my mind that i'm going to do some type of damage to this almost $40,000 car.
(which, sadly enough, is just under what we made in salary last YEAR...and that was our best year yet!)

starting next wednesday. thank heavens i got my license renewed!
which is an amazingly embarrassing story by the way. one that may or may not be shared. :)


garrettandbritt said...

You will be one HOT MAMMA in that car. It is gorgeous! Have fun driving it, I know I would. Who wouldn't.

Ben said...

How sad is it that I scrolled past all of your amazing blog entries to find the origin of your getting a car to test drive? What does that say about me? Ask Ben. I seriously want to know.

Tui Family said...

Oohhh! So fun! Make sure not to ruin that shiny driving record of yours!