Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the colors of my eyes

today caleb looked at me and said, "ooh, momma. your eyes are so colorful."

awwww, sweet, right? i asked him, "what colors do you see?" as you can tell by the above picture, my eyes are clearly green. so this is the answer i expected.

instead, he replies, "blue and purple."

oh, poor kid, i thought. all this time and i never knew he's colorblind. i daydreamed for a moment about the life that lay before him. mismatched shirts & ties, different colored socks, having to label all items in his closet.

"really? blue and purple? where do you see blue and purple?" an innocent question. or so i thought.

unfortunately i get thrown a curveball from mr. humiliate-your-mom-once-again.

he points to the inside of the bridge of my nose and strokes his fingers down, trailing it under my eyes. "here, and here. see momma, blue, and purple."

i hang my head and just bust out laughing. because really, in this situation, what else can you do? though what i really want him to know is that he and his sister are 100% responsible for putting those new colors near my eyes.

to put a positive spin on yet again another humiliating experience.

1) he's not colorblind.
2) when you look in my eyes you can almost see a rainbow. 3 out of 6 colors isn't bad.


Mike and Jenny said...

The honesty of children eh? Kaleb told me he likes my painted mouth, me wearing lipstick. Painted as you look beautiful or you look like a clown :)

The Pyne's said...

ok, so I didn't see any blue and purple....just beautiful eyes!! You've always had the most pretty eyes and eyelashes ever!!!! Tell that kid to knock it off! JK
Conner would probably just say mine are always closed or just puffy! =)

Brandon and Emily said...

Look at that big photo! Hope I wasn't too confusing the other night. I don't think I explained it very well. Sam tells me I have black spots (dark bags) under my eyes.

Carlos said...

Your stories are hilarious Lynsey! Even your profile paragraph just makes me laugh and smile. Congratulations on the birth of beautiful Leah! I can't believe she's already 2 months old...we are way behind on touching base with you! How exciting that you now have one of each - a boy and girl. We haven't had our little one yet, he's actually due tomorrow, May 29th. But it doesn't look like I'm going into labor too soon. He might be two weeks over, like Corina. We loved watching you guys on your online show - your famous! And now the news of driving a fancy new car -WOW! It's been fun for me to read through your blog. Caleb's 4 years old! Time goes by so fast. Be sure to tell Ben that we think he did awesome on the birthday cakes! I'm also glad you got your license renewed. I've always liked that they last forever in Arizona...I benefited from that until we moved to NM. Have a good day and know that we were thinking about you! Carlos and Anne :)

K Harker said...

C and I got a big kick out of this. That kid is so observant! Too funny. I have pretty "purple eye's" too!