Wednesday, May 6, 2009

utah mom's unite!

i often blog about my very hard-working sister has an awesome mom blog called supermom central.
a while ago she was recognized by a group of people celebrating mom bloggers & was able to take her family to disneyland for free to attend a mom blog conference. no fair, right?


it is fair, and i'll tell you why.

a) because she has completely dedicated herself to making this mom blog spectacular. she hosts giveaways all the time, finds awesome crafts, and basically works really hard to educate all moms and help us to be better than we are. she works really, really hard on this blog and it paid off!

b) because she herself is a mother of 3 and does an amazing job with those 3 cute kids. and doesn't every mom deserve to go to disneyland for free? yes we do! (just not all of us get the opportunity to.)

that being said, tomorrow is "national mom's nite out" night. did you know that? i didn't, but it is! and it's about dang time we get an official night off throughout the year.

so this fabulous sister of mine has teamed up yet again to throw a party with disney parks, who has decided to hook all the utah moms up for tomorrow. there's going to be treats, crafts, games and amazing prizes. (asking myself, why do i live in arizona???)

if you're interested & want to get out to party, go here for all of the details. wish i could be there with you! have fun & give my sister a spank on the bum for me...okay, that might be weird if you've just met for the first time. let's settle for a high five, shall we?

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Lauren Horsley said...

Wow, Lyns, you're the sweetest sis!

I'm sad you can't be here partying with us tonight but I've already put a SwagBag aside for you (and put a life-size picture of your head on a stick so you can be in all the pictures!)

Hope you make it to the AZ Mom's Nite Out - if you do, say hi to Lana from for me!