Monday, May 11, 2009

episode 7: vanessa part 2

so i finally get to hear what vanessa did to get her license revoked. i have to say, this girl is pretty much perfect so it makes me feel a bit better knowing that even she makes mistakes sometimes. :) am i insecure? well, obviously! she is a great person & i like her even more now, knowing that she's willing to put herself out there so that others learn from her lesson.

next week: recent breast cancer survivor, dana. she is so amazing, i'm really excited for this one. very interesting process, i hear, once the mastectomy is over. and i'm so proud of her for letting us share in this experience.

go here if the video isn't working.

by the way, do the videos ever work on my blog?? they don't seem to be, but maybe it's just my computer that doesn't show them. feedback, please! so that i don't waste my time posting them each week.


Marci Ward said...

i can't get them to work, so i just follow the link!

lynsey said...

thanks marci,

they just look like black squares on my blog with nowhere to click on to watch them. so i think i'll just post the links from here on out!

Mills Family said...

They don't work for me either, but after clicking on the link it is very interesting stuff. Thanks for doing this for all of us. I think it is good for us to all realize that life isn't perfect for anyone...