Tuesday, May 5, 2009


the week in pictures.

my brother tyler & his wife kirsten visit.
we learned many life-altering lessons while they were here.

lesson 1: how to make a proper fort.

lesson 2: how to eat grasshopper cookies the right way.
sub-lesson: cake in a cup. yummmm.

lesson 3: how to have fun. nap, relax, eat good food, swim, laugh until you cry. and have kirsten give lynsey a last minute make-up lesson.

(i call this one "jesus blesses the little children.")

thanks you guys, come back soon.

after they left, the rest of the crew rolled on in. we had so much fun with them & were spoiled by their company. it was difficult to see them leave.

we utilized their hotel pool as much as we could. a lazy river, a huge water slide, a kiddie pool, a waterfall, and being served nachos as you sunbathe. who could ask for more.

we admired the muscle men...

the supermodels...

and the flotation devices.

once we were good and done with the pool, we got snazzed up for the reason behind the visits.
we blessed leah last weekend. what was supposed to be the normal church blessing on a sunday turned last-minute into a home blessing on a saturday night.
we blame the swine flu for our paranoia of crowds. of course this was before the media announced their over-coverage.

the lady of the hour.
lovely in her little cream gap sweater dress & handmade crocheted cream booties.
(even if they wouldn't stay on her feet.)

family photos.

we're crossing our fingers that the swine flu did not follow you home.
thank you all so much for making the trip out to see us.
we. loved. every. minute. of. it.


Rachel H. said...


Love the little gap dress...too cute!

ohmylanta said...

Lyns you are such a babe! And Leah is so darling. I have to admit to some serious jealousy over the obviously warm weather you are enjoying. You live in AZ right?

Do you remember Tara Mayhue from high school? She lives there too (I do realize it is a big state) But maybe you have run into each other.

Looks like you had a perfect weekend to me. BTW - did you just recently buy Leah's blessing dress at the Gap? I've been trying to figure out what to do. My mom has made all my girls blessing dresses (and they are amazing) but I don't think she realized I'd be having four girls! I don't think she wanted to sign up for that process so many times. I might buy something..... any tips?

Wheat Family said...

Love her blessing dress, so perfect for a beautiful girl. You are gorgeous Lynsey!! I am so glad you had many family and friends come for that special weekend. * curse the swine flu panic*

The Pyne's said...

loved, loved, LOVED little leah's blessing outfit. It was all just so beautiful and your little family, love them all. Even when I saw Ginny, I got home sick, thinking how I used to see her lots in Utah! Yes, I'm having a moment here.....anywho, I've beem meaning to ask you where on earth you got those amazing pillows on your couch with the flower and your dad's wife is holding one. I LOVE them and thought how they might look good on my brown couch that I still have not bought any more pillow or curtains for! Anywho, glad your blessing went well and you all look just amazing. Little caleb it just a handsome little guy and growing so much since we last saw him! and you are such a social family. What good people you are! {yes, I'm having a jealous moment here!} Glad you are doing so well!!! =)

Lindsay Jane said...

You had better be careful. That Leah adorable and boys love that. Glad the weekend was filled with family, fun and love. Looks like fun. I want to play next.

Shellee said...

Seriously, you guys should contact greg olsen or someone. You need to get that picture on canvas. How many people have these kinds of opportunities?

Darling blessing photos too.

Randrea said...

It's the best having family visit! Glad you had a great time! P.S.Beautiful baby in a beautiful dress!

Francis and Fawn Becker said...

You were at the Pointe Squaw Peak pool weren't you?? It is magical there! Leah is soooo cute, I love the pic of her in her pool hat. Oh and I am really, really sorry about today. I was at my brother's until late so there is no way I would have been able to do that today. My poor little bro :( I want him to read your blog that you wrote about how the person you are with reflects how you see yourself because he does not think very highly of himself and it shows. Okay, this comment is a novel....want to come over Friday morning???

Angela said...

Yay for family! So cute and so fun! Love the fort too!

Mike and Jenny said...

Love your cute family pictures!