Friday, May 8, 2009

so glad i bought that black sweater to hide my enormous-ness.

uhhhhhh. yeah.


Shellee said...

I'm sorry, but shorties don't have anyplace to go but out. You look cute. You and Lauren and your photogenics.

Marci Ward said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comments and for the offer. Where are you guys exactly? we are going to vegas, so I don't think we'll be near phoenix. But we appreciate the offer...oh and I think you look DARLING in that photo.
And come we remember when I was prego with Andrew...HUGE and zit-faced and my nose totally got so had none of those. You looked gorgeous! (but I am sure you are gald to be done with the pregnancy!)

campblondie said...


The Pyne's said...

umm, as I said in a comment a few posts ago, I believe I said "I LOVED the picture of you that they had before your episode, because you look GREAT!!!" And also, seriously lynsey, you could weigh 500 pounds and still be beautiful because you just have the FACE and HAIR of a beauty QUEEN! Love it! and also a little jealous of it!! =)

Lauren Horsley said...

I honest and truly think you look gorgeous in this photo. And I'm so glad you got to do the glam shoot while you were preggers because I think you will cherish this picture down the road.

"Love is the Greatest Beautifier" - Louisa May Alcott