Tuesday, May 19, 2009


hey, well isn't this cool? my sister, the blogger behind supermom central,
just got nominated for "utah's favorite mommy blogger." hooray, lauren!
so if you read her blog & appreciate all the hard work she puts into informing us, doing giveaways and setting up mom's nite out (at her own house mind you), then go here and vote for her!

congratulations laur, you deserve it! love you.


Lauren Horsley said...

I DESERVE NOTHING! Caleb's birthday flew right by me. I can't tell you how ashamed I am.

Tell my little buddy that a HUGE box of birthday goodness is headed his way and that Juder tooter and Gabby goober will be calling tomorrow to sing him a belated birthday song because their mom has poop for brains.

Becky Slivka said...

I'm a little slow on checking blogs, we've had a lot of stuff going on lately, but your kids are just darling. ANd what TV show are you part of that they are giving you a car??! that is awesome. And by the way, send us an invite to your private blog - beckyslivka@gmail.com. And one more side note, Ithink you are the most photogenic person in the world!

Dana Broderick said...

wow! that is cool! congrats lauren!!