Monday, May 11, 2009

when opportunity knocks...i happily open the door.

the producer of the show called me last week to tell me she has a surprise for us. i had to turn on the camera when she told me so it could be on tape. well that footage will be awesome since i'm in my pajamas with no make-up on, so emotionally prepare yourselves for a shocker.

shallowness aside, while i was on camera she told me that ford is doing a promotion where they ask certain people to test drive their cars for a minimum of a week. then they are asked to blog about it & their experience & what they liked, etc.

well we were picked! we've had only one car for several years and i seriously am SOOOOO excited to get to have the freedom of a second car, even if it's only for a short time!

this is the car we get to test drive:

i know, right????

the ford flex. (take the interactive tour, it will blow your mind) it's a 7-seater, has a screen where you can plug in all your phone #'s and call can also watch yourself reverse on it! i have a feeling this feature was built just for ladies like myself who struggle a bit driving backwards. don't judge me.

so if any of you are in the area and need a ride somewhere, let me know! i'm sure we could fit your entire family in it.

you know that first couple of weeks after you turned 16 and you got your license? you were willing to run your mom's errands, pick up your little brother, or return library books just for the opportunity to get behind the wheel?

well that's exactly how i feel.

pictures to come!


Marci Ward said...

wow! how fun! It will be a problem'll want a really nice, new car!! But enjoy it while you got it! Can you come pick me up in Chicago :)

Jared Crookston said...

The link to the Ford website is just very slightly broken, looks like you are just missing a colon. Seems like a sweet ride.

lynsey said...

oops! thanks jared, it's fixed now.

K Harker said...

How fun is that?! So you should tell them when you give it back that you drove around a million of your friends who are really rich and they all went out to buy one and then maybe Ford will just give it to?!

So do you have any rich friends you want to drive around? Goldings? :)

Have a fun week with a fun car!

Kurt and Kristy said...

No way! That is unbelievable! Well enjoy it while you have it!

Shellee said...

ooh, that looks really fun. maybe they'll let you keep it?

The Pyne's said...

lucky ducky!!! You guys need some of that right now, so I'm glad you got picked. That will be a FUN week!! Yes, take lots of pictures and maybe in dreamland, they'll end up giving you one!!!! HA, you can only hope!

and as for this last I'm sorry, but if she's driving that bad with her kids in the car, I think she have had her lisence suspended. That's scary having people out there driving like that. So I hope she really has learned from her experience!

ps. I don't think the videos work, or atleast not for me, but only on the episode footage. I can get all your other video like youtube, etc.

and thanks for being so nice to me lynsey, but I really hope in the long run I don't damage my kids. This anxiety really does get in the way of me being a good mom. And I hate the way it makes me feel, plus I'm out of shape and can't run after them, so definitely something I need to work on!!!! =)

love ya!

campblondie said...

Everytime I see one on the road I think "now that's a ride." If you have 40 minutes to spare take a trip down this way.

Clancy Pants said...

SWWWWEEEET!!! Have a fun week of driving!

And, tell your friend at The Pyne's that I said she should give herself a break. She's not messing up her kids. There's no possibility of that. We come to earth to learn and EVEN IF we could be THE PERFECT MOTHER (which doesn't exist), our children would still grow up and have challenges and things to overcome. That's not because their mom "messed them up", it's because they are mortal. There are no mistakes. If the kids have issues to work through because of things there mom taught them (which we ALL do, btw) then that was just the lesson their spirit needed to learn and it was all arranged beforehand. (that's what I believe anyway!)

Tami said...

How fun! I am so happy you were picked. I drove a ford flex for about a week when my car was being fixed. It was a really fun car. Kobe loved being in the very back seat. Have fun with the extra wheels for a week!

ohmylanta said...

Is this the reason for all the brutal driver's testing? HA HA HA.

We are a one car family too - so I can understand your excitement. (I've been thinking bout getting a scooter just in case I have a sick kiddo that needs a pick up from school.) Now that you've memorized all the testing books answer me this.....

How many kids can you legally squeeze on a Motorized scooter?

Have some fun with your slick ride!! Do you have some Paris Hilton sun glasses? You just might need a pair to complete the look.