Saturday, October 11, 2008

abc's...druggie style

so i got these little letters on clearance at target last year. i thought they'd be cute as book-ends or something but it turned out that even though they are metal, they were too light to hold up a stack of books. so...unsure of what to do with them, i just set them out on an end table.

a few hours later, i went back to find them like this:

i thought it was ben being funny, but it turns out it was sweet little caleb. hope this isn't any sort of premonition of a career choice as a drug lord. ;)


Mike and Jenny said...

How silly. I love the new picture that is your header. He sure is a cutie!!!

Wheat Family said...

Funny! I thought it would have for sure been something Ben did. :) Maybe he helped caleb?

Lauren Horsley said...

Ok - I feel dumb. Why were they originally set up to say "bsl"? What does that stand for?

Maybe you could rearrange the LSD to say LDS! Send Caleb in a more positive direction! :)

Amanda said...

thats hilarious. makin' funnies just like mom and pops. hahahaha.