Tuesday, October 28, 2008

becoming an explorer

the past couple of nights ben has very (non) subtly commented to me that i resemble a nick jr., bilingual character:

why, you ask? a fashionable new bowl cut? no. new ruffled top yellow socks? not likely. he bought me new jewelry looking just like that flowered contraption wrapping her wrist? guess again.

it's because i don't have many (or any) maternity pajamas so when i go to bed, the belly pokes right out. basically i look like a stuffed sausage. ben hasn't actually said the words "stuffed sausage" but i know he's thinking it. give him 2 more weeks. it will be voiced.

but let's look at the bright side. look at all that dora has going for her. she's a world-renowned actress, beloved my millions, has many exotic friends...one of which is a moon boot-wearing monkey.

the closest thing i ever had to that type of friendship was when my BFF wendy rocked the moon boots in our 2nd grade picture. bosom buddies were born at that moment. (mentioning those boots twice in one month might be the end of our friendship but it had to be done. forgive me gwend. they were all the rage back then.)

in addition to all this, dora must have a giant brain there in her large, football-shaped head. who knows, she may very well be a genius. (if anyone in this family has a melon-sized head...special order their graduation cap, anyone? so ben i'm sending that "compliment" your way.)

not to mention her fashion sense. she wears those mismatched clothes with flare. and even though her belly pokes out, she doesn't let the world (aka "her husband) get her down.

i guess this muchacha and i have more in common than i had initially thought. in a twisted way, i will look at ben's comment as a compliment. thank you hon.

so i say, stand up proudly girls. bare those bellies. vamanos amigas, we can lead the way. hey! hey!


Erika said...

Thank you. I do feel proud.

Lauren Horsley said...

If this is a shameless ploy to get mom and I to buy you some maternity pajamas then, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! A whole box of brightly printed floral mumus shall be in the mail shortly.

Mike and Jenny said...

You made me laugh. Thanks. It was a great way to start the morning. As for Ben's poem, that was great too. He could always go into poetry :)

Francis and Fawn Becker said...

Hi Lynsey! Don't forget to sign Caleb up for tumbling :) And, do you guys still want to come over for Halloween? Francis gets home at 6 so will eat around then...I hope you can come.

Marci Ward said...

You are so funny. I am excited for #2 to arrive...it is a butt kicker. Number 2 is hard....tell Ben he better get his game on when that baby gets here, your gonna need lots of help!
Also, how did the MRI go?

Trixy Lovelace said...

I just want to say that I recently made a scarecrow out of my maternity sweats, or I would totally donate them to your cause! BTW, you are welcome to my tupperware as I need to get it out of the house before I start it on fire and dance around the pile naked in the front yard.

Trixy Lovelace said...

That didn't make sense. My tupperware full o' maternity clothes. Silly, sleep-deprived Aimee.

Joel and Carrie said...

You are a hoot!!!

Tui Family said...

Ok...you are seriously hilarious! And I do forgive you for the moon boot comment...I know it just stems from your jealousy! I was a trend setter and you KNOW it! lol Thanks for the good laugh today!