Friday, October 3, 2008

the quirks

here's a throw-back picture to the ol' chin zit posting.

i was tagged by cute brittany, and this is one that doesn't involve pictures (since we now realize that our camera hook-up was one of the things lost when our trunk opened on our move up here), i thought i would answer it.
6 quirky things about me:
(brace yourselves)
  1. i think i might be a germaphobe. i blame caleb. when he was born, & up until about 6 months after, we were told by several specialists to keep him out of the limelight of germs. so i learned to walk into a room, scan all of the kids for snotty noses, people for grimy fingernails, or licking their fingers, what not. i know there are many of you out there who are relaxed, normal people with normal kids who feel that this is way overboard. but let me tell you, after spending a major portion of his first year in & out of hospitals (he had spinal meningitis at 2 1/2 mos for crying out loud), you will do anything to avoid being there again. but anyway, being a germaphobe is like a button you turn on that you can't turn off. i'm still constantly scanning nursery rooms, play place areas, and caleb's hands. one would think that my house would be immaculate. on the contrary. i just live in fear of my own surroundings. just kidding, i'm not that bad.
  2. i am a creative bug killer. especially spiders. when i find them in my home...where they don't belong...i make them rue the day. do you know the best way to watch a spider suffer? hair spray. they get all sticky & can't walk & then take a minute to die. to add to the illness, i also leave the bodies of the dead out for about a day or two. my explanation for that? i want all the relatives of the bugs to know what's gonna happen to them if they show themselves. lately i have been windexing tiny ants that i keep seeing in my kitchen. i want you to know, this goes against everything ben believes in. he is the kind that will cup a moth in his hand to let it outside to fly free. me? i will smash that mother into our mirror & let it sit there for a good 24 hrs.
  3. i like to pluck ben's eyebrows....specifically the uni. for some reason, seeing the one eyebrow again become two is thrilling to me. like i am an artist and he is my sculpture.
  4. i have a tendency, when i am overly tired, to laugh hysterically. when i say hysterically, i mean i am in pure hysterics. there have been many who have been privy to this experience, mostly family. but it can go on for anywhere from 20mins to an hour. i usually am bawling because i am laughing so hard, people think i am crying, and i have to remove myself and go on a time-out in order to calm down. otherwise it could go on for days.
  5. i do crazy things in my sleep. i whimper, i stroke ben's cheek, i wake up with a screwdriver under my pillow without having any knowledge of how it got there. once at the group home i woke up to find myself in my closet, searching for clothes to wear because i swear one of the kids had walked into our bedroom, and laid down in-between ben & myself. my heart was beating so fast & when i woke up, i was on my hands & knees looking for my bra. anxiety disorder, anyone?
  6. i can pick my nose with my tongue and eat it. just teasing, i really can't. i know there are more things but i'm at a loss. i asked ben and he said, "hmmmm. well i guess i'm just used to your quirky things now. if anyone asked what is quirky about me, i would say it was you." thanks honey.
i tag: kristen symmes, kristin harker, stacey p., brooke l. (welcome to blog tags!) susie j., and shellee. have some fun ladies!


Brooke said...

Thanks for the tag. I've got lots to learn about this whole blog world. I must tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog. You have such a way with words. You've always been able to get me laughing, but it's nice to find that humorous friend again across cyperspace. I love ya!!

Lauren Horsley said...

Dude, we are SO SISTERS! I do that same "Beware" thing when ants invade us - leave a little trail of carcasses in the kitchen to send a message to all the other ants that death comes to all who creep across my counters!

Shellee said...

alright funny girl- give me acouple days to think... or ask around...

garrettandbritt said...

Oh Lynsey, I am was seriously laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. You are so funny. I honestly wish you lived closer, you always can make me laugh so hard. Thanks for doing the tag!!!

robin said...

One word---KARMA!!! What goes around comes back around. In reference to the "bug killing", I ask, do you want to die a slow, painful, torturous death?! Either do it swiftly & painlessly or follow Ben's pristine example! (even though he does have one fault: potty mouth) Change your sadistic ways or beware the future! xoxoxoxo

robin said...

Also, could I please have an enlarged copy of your demented "zit" photo?!?

Melissa and Luke said...

I am going to try the hairspray thing on the spiders in my house. I love it.

SusieQ said...

Thanks for the tag, I promise I am working on it! I have a list from off the top of my head sitting next to the computer, but I need some input from the hubby and then I'll make an official post. Someone else just tagged me for the same thing, so the pressure is on...;)