Sunday, October 19, 2008

find joy in YOUR journey

today ben & i spoke in sacrament meeting. i was actually really (okay, only somewhat) excited to speak but it was only because i was asked to speak on president monson's awesome talk from conference, "finding joy in the journey." so if you want to read about it, head over here for a little spiritual somethin' somethin'.


Francis and Fawn Becker said...

I just read your was really good! And, I have only said that to about 4 people in my ENTIRE life! I actully wish I would have woke up early to hear it :)

garrettandbritt said...

How are you girly? I have tagged you so check out our blog.

campblondie said...

I'm sure you were wonderful! When do I get to see you?

cortney and neil said...

I have been a terrible blog checker lately. So congrats on having a baby girl! I think Leah is an adorable name, and I was glad to hear everything is going good so far. Tell Ben Congrats from me. Love ya