Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my sister.

dear lauren,

even though i talk to you almost every day, i don't think i have mentioned lately just how beautiful i think you are. not just the outside package...which i have always been envious of...but the inside, which is most important. an amazing mother to three adorable and wonderful children, a supporting and loving wife to your perfect-match husband. when i think of you, these words come to my mind:


thank you for being not just a fantastic older sister, but someone i would look up to whether or not we were related. you know everything about me and love me in spite of that. i love you laur, and wanted to make sure you know that just in case i don't tell you enough.


Nicole said...

I can also attest that Lauren is fabulous. You are lucky to have such a wonderful, talented sister. Such a cute pic of you two together!

S & RA Beazer said...

the two of you could be twins, I can't decide who is more beautiful.

The Pyne's said...

ok lysnsey, did you want to make me cry with these last two posts?!?! because not only were they written beautifully, but it also gives me a guilt trip. For instance, lately I just tell conner to go upstairs and play with g-ma and g-pa, while I stay in bed for as long as eric is asleep....I never did the whole he's the only child I have and now I look back and totally regret it (But partially I never felt good enough to be a good mother, and I HATE that now that I look back, but what else was I supposed to do?) anyways, so that just means I really need to be a better mother! and as for the sister thing, I don't think I've ever told my sister that I do LOVE her....we've never really gotten along, well I guess it's more of a we have very DIFFERENT personalitites, but we are now finally getting a long and we are about to MOVE, so I do need to let her know just that!!! THANKS!

Dana Broderick said...

that was so sweet! you guys are so cute! your relationship reminds me so much of Andrea and I....I think I'd die without my sister!!! :)

Dark Sun Set Gear said...

word to my sisters and their awesomeness. they're truly amazing women and beautiful souls.

Lauren Horsley said...


How did you know I needed a long-distance hug? Thanks, sis. (can't type anymore - tears clouding my view of the keys).

Trixy Lovelace said...


Tui Family said... cute! I miss my fam!

Joel and Carrie said...

Oh my gosh! Could you and your sister BE anymore alike? I can't tell who is who! :)

Hev said...

I love you and Lauren!! You both Rock! So glad I know you both and that you are my friends!