Thursday, March 19, 2009

3 year old etiquette

normally caleb is a pretty well-mannered boy. however the past couple of weeks he's educated ben & i on the fact that we are obviously slipping in some areas of parenting.

today caleb was food-deprived, tired and in a foul mood. as ben announced to him he was going to make him a turkey sandwich caleb yells out,


ben replies,
"i'm waiting for the magic word when you ask for something you want."

caleb says with a straight face,
"simon says: strawberries and orange chips!"

(a game we've played for FHE the past couple of weeks)

ben laughed and said,

we watched american idol last week together. caleb was in & out while playing with toys, he liked the music but otherwise seemed disinterested. at the end of the show, one of the last contestants performed a soulful song and the judge said to her,

"you're a naughty girl. and i liked it."

and what do you know that's the one quote caleb picked up from the entire episode? he repeated it several times. he's probably going to walk up to his primary teacher and say, "you're a naughty girl and i liked it." and we will be labeled throughout the ward as that couple.

and from madagascar 2...

you know that semi-inappropriate part for kids involving the big man hippo moto moto & gloria? well as we're driving home from the movie, what does caleb say to me?

"i like 'em big. i like 'em chunky."


ben & i try to laugh these things off but really inside, we are cringing. how does he know the exact inappropriate comments to memorize and repeat over & over?? we have done our best to not react when he says it because we know that will only ignite the flame. but seriously we are not raising a little pervert here. hopefully.


Francis and Fawn Becker said...

Hey someone has to raise the perverts of the world :) ha! Both of our kids like 'em chunky. Oh, and I am sooo glad you were able to come over yesterday! Kali said she missed Caleb about 10 seconds after he left :)

Jenny said...

Boston is always picking up the questionable lines from those movies. From Madagascar 2 " Suck Sess" I try to tell him not to say that, but he still does. I feel for you. That is what we get for having smart kids.

Angela said...

Isn't it crazy how they pick up all of those words and phrases? Matthew is only almost two and we still have to watch what we say around him. I just hope they all out grow it.