Tuesday, March 10, 2009

update on big brudda

(pictures: oldies but goodies)

since i have been asked, caleb is adjusting to his new sister like we've pretty much expected him to. for the first couple of days, he did not want to come close to her but would look at her from afar & talk about her, but never to her.

luckily things have improved. for the past few nights he has asked when he goes to bed to have the baby come say goodnight to him & he gives her the sweetest, shy kisses. he still refuses to hold her but has touched her feet.

i tried a nap with all three of us on our bed yesterday and thought there would be more of a fight than there was from him. he still gets disturbed whenever she cries and will often put his hands over his ears while yelling, "TOO LOUD." which of course really helps calm us all down.

at least now though he is talking to her & when she cries he says in a soft, high-pitched voice, "it's okay baby, momma's coming."

slowly but surely we are becoming a family of 4.

just don't count on those sweet sibling-holding-the-new-baby pictures for a while.


Doug and Tiff said...

he is soooo cute!!

The Pyne's said...

Conner still won't "hold" eric. and atleast he's not beating up on her!! SO that is a ton better than our situation. I think caleb is going to be a GREAT big brother. I just don't think ours started off well. When we brought eric home, conner acted like he wasn't even in the house and then when he did want to get close to the baby he ended up getting the stomach flu and we kept saying "don't touch the baby!!" so ya, I think it rubbed off and is still a situation we are working on. so good luck, athough I don't think you'll need as much as we do!! JK =)

The Pyne's said...

PS I know caleb is a lot younger in the toilet paper picture, we have one of those pictures too!! Including one happening today while I was blow drying my hair (even though he's almost 4, conner is still very very young at heart)

Lauren Horsley said...

Caleb has such a huge heart - I'm sure that in no time he's gonna be smothering her with kisses and tight squeezes and you'll be longing for the days when he only wanted to touch her toes. :)

I'm glad you guys took a group nap today - what a sweet time for your great fam.

The Hunter's said...

Caleb sounds so sweet and gentle. The pictures of Leah are so creative and cute! Your labor and delivery was crazy!! I cannot imagine going through all that. But we quickly forget all the craziness, don't we?? Congrats again! Hope you are getting some rest.

Kristen said...

That is so funny! I don't blame him--it's a big adjustment because he's been running the show solo before now. Mike and I were both laughing about him telling Leah "It's okay baby, Momma's coming" in a soft high-pitched voice. He's coming around. Yeah!

Shellee said...

Jacob was the same way with Halle. And that was kid #2 to kid #4. When I read your post I actually had to ask Danny which of our kids did that. Thus confirming our decision to be done. Keep the pictures coming.