Monday, March 30, 2009

just FYI, the beginning episode looks a lot like the trailer, but as long as you see the names of us come up, then you're watching the episode. just go to:

and the first thing that starts playing is the episode.


Joel and Carrie said...

That was incredible to watch and plus you look amazing. Remember you are going to be my surrogate if I ever decide to have another because the baby bump looks good on you. I had no idea you had some "complications" with your first. I did too. I put that in quotations because that's what others would describe it as but I thought it was one of the greatest life experiences to ever happen to my marriage and to me. We should exchange stories. p.s. I'm pretty crazy about your blog! You're awesome!

Dana Broderick said...

That was so fun to watch!!! I can't wait for more! :)