Friday, March 20, 2009

reason #5,471

why i love this man:

because he stayed up with me until 2am with our little lady. then at 6am, when this boy woke up and started vomiting,

he got up, held him, rocked him, changed his sheets, did a load of laundry, and let me sleep in until the minute before he had to leave.

giving me another moment to wonder,

how did i get so lucky?

on another note, aside from the vomiting...
forcing this kid to sit and watch t.v. all day?

his idea of heaven.


The Pyne's said...

Aren't we lucky ladies?!?! I too wonder how I got so lucky!!! As for your little guy, I'm so sorry he's sick, we just went through that and wish it upon NOONE!!! so sorry. As for the sleeping CUTE, but I'm sorry you aren't allowed to take them while they are asleep, because they wake up! =)

and yes we too have the same problem with conner repeating always the bad parts of everything. Hey lyns, how is caleb doing with the potty. Is he still super good and going on his own. I seriously need help. Conner wants no part in wearing underwear. I have no clue what to do or how to get him to lik trying to be a big boy and wear underwear. AHHHHHH!!!! Was I really meant to be a mother?!?! Because at some aspects (ok most) I SUCK!! Anywho, hope you guys get better and that no one else gets it!!

Hannah said...

Congrats you guys!!! I hadn't checked your blog in a few weeks so I didn't know you had your precious little girl!!! I've always loved the name Leah!!! She is beautiful and I hope she continues to be healthy and that you continue to do well. It's fun having a boy and a girl! I can't wait to watch her grow! Great job Lyns on the labor/delivery!!! I hope you feel as empowered as you should!!!

Francis and Fawn Becker said...

Awww poor Caleb, I hope he feels better :)