Wednesday, March 25, 2009

rejuvenated? or just insane?

so after a rough day with leah from pretty much 2pm until 10pm, i thought i was in for a rough night as well.

after she finished eating a 9:30 and we attempted to burp our konked-out child for at least 1/2 an hour, we finally wrapped her up & put her to bed at 10.

what to do?

normally i just stay up & get things done...also known as reading blogs, folding laundry, or watching TV while talking with wait for her to wake back up at 1am.

but instead, we were both exhausted and were in bed by 11. i think i was asleep by 11:01. i woke up startled at 2am, jumped out of bed to check & see if leah was still breathing. yep, she was just fine. i lay back in bed and tossed & turned because i thought she would wake up the minute i slipped back into my REM cycle and oooh...that just ticks me off.

boy was i surprised when she finally woke up to eat at 5am! a tender mercy.

i fed her, burped her, and she went right back to sleep. i tried to do the same. but i was wide awake. wide. finally after 20 minutes i got up and decided to make the most of my time. and exercised.

whu? (pronounced like "wha?" but i mis-spelled it on purpose so that you didn't think i was just so sleep deprived that i forgot the "t")

i am not a morning person, not by any stretch of the imagination. this was evident well before i had children, was pregnant, worked at the group home, or any other excuses i could come up with in my mind as to why i can't roll myself out of bed before 9am voluntarily.

but there i was, strapping on my gym shoes and pulling out a water bottle. wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles.

for a good 50 minutes i did a little bit of yoga, pilates, stretching, weights, lunches, punches. et.cetera. can i say how nice it is that VH1 plays music videos at 5:30 in the morning? yep, me and britney put on a show at the circus. and we're both making a comeback.

caleb rolled out of bed at 6:30 (have to mention here how absolutely adorable he is when he's all sleepy, dragging his blanket, bear, and toys of choice for the morning out of the room with him). usually he comes into our room and wakes ben up, who is nice enough to let me sleep in until about 7:30. but not today. i was wide awake and he was pleasantly surprised. aren't we both surprised, really?

i very well may fall flat on my face in my cereal bowl in about 10 minutes. but for right now i feel completely refreshed & also very proud of myself for accomplishing a task (known as exercising in the morning) that hasn't happened since 1996 when i did early morning swim team.

hmmm...early to bed, early to rise. who knew that wasn't just a load of bologna?

ps-online show starts in 2 days. ahhh! maybe this is why i can't sleep??


The Pyne's said...

Oh lynsey!! I love reading about your life!! and the way you write it just makes it all the better...but I'm sorry to say it just get's WORSE!!! sorry for the worst news ever, but I have been having those exact same kind of days lately....and what do I do, nothing. It's just to hard!!! Hope the little one gets going better. Did you switch to just bottle, what has the doctor said (not that they know anything, losers) and maybe after she does have her blessing you'll receive an answer kinda like caleb's (not that I'm hoping anything is wrong, as a matter of fact, I say just give it a few more months {SORRY} and I bet EVERYTHING gets totally better!!!!). Sorry I'm always a talker on here, I need to just give you a call and see how things are!! Later!

Brooke said...

Good job lady. Remember the Rex days when we walked and LA'd together. What fun? You need to check out my "other life." I'll send you an email about it.

ericandjanine said...

hey lynsey!! so glad you got some rest!!! i was wondering if you would shoot me an email ej_grover at hotmail dot com or give me a call. i would like to chat with you about caleb as i know something that MIGHT help. my home number is 303.346.3941 but didn't want to discuss it in full depth on here. hope this day flies by without incident!

Garry and Mindy said...

I hate the first first months (or 10 or 12 months) because your sleep cycle is all messed up. I'd do the same thing with the twins and I would be so mad that EVERYONE in the house was asleep, but at 3 a.m. I was NOT! I'm glad I'm not the only who can't get up in the morning...there have a few recent mornings Ellie's jumping on me to get up, but with the twins asleep I don't want to budge, of course it's probably because I was up half the night. oh well. Good luck. Are you still formula feeding or did you go back to nursing? Any chance Leah might have acid reflux? Good luck!

Tami said...

Isn't it nice to finally have a good rest! I love it. Even though it is totally hard getting up & exercising, it makes you feel so good. (By the way, what is the online show??)