Friday, March 13, 2009

breastpump shenanigans

on a happier note from my last post, the two fellas in the house have kept me laughing which helps me to regain my sanity during the squeals of the newborn.

the other day caleb was running around the house with my breast pump, calling it his "invention" and told me it would help block out baby leah's cries. a perfect photo op to blackmail him with at a later time. there were a few moments he actually was yelling into it & calling it his trumpet but i immediately put the kaibosh on that one.

"why?" he asks me, his never-ending question whenever i ask him not to do something.

"um...because it's yucks." i reply. enough said, it went back to his ear.


then ben cracks a joke that makes himself laugh. hard.

"what do you call a mother who doesn't want to breastfeed?"

"what?" i ask as i roll my eyes, expecting the worst.

"lactose intolerant."

pretty good i must say. i am surrounded by comedians.


Sara and Company said...

Aahhh....the joys of new babies. We love them. We really do. But I must admit I like them better when they get bigger. Sure there are challenges there too, but this adjustment period can be so hard. I'm glad you're getting some laughs about it and I truly hope that she starts to feel a little better. And hey....I would't complain too much about brother not wanting to hold her yet. I kind of like that distant love without all of the smothering. Thinking of you!

Marci Ward said...

HAA HAA!! I love it! My little guy ran around with the brest pump shooting at people yelling "bang" Bang!" HA kids are so stinkin' funny!

Wheat Family said...

Oh that is hilarious! I love Ben's joke...pretty darn clever.

Rachel Chick said...

AWESOME!!! So very funny!

Nels says: "I love that guy!"

We liked the joke and the invention!