Tuesday, March 31, 2009

newest obsession

in the past two weeks chocolate soy milk has taken a backseat to these babies:

presenting.....the push pop. found at target in the freezer section.

why? let me count the ways.

1) they are refreshingly creamy.

2) only 90 calories.

3) i can reach for one from the freezer with one hand, unwrap it with one hand and eat it with one hand. (with a screaming child you learn one-handed foods get quickly pushed to the forefront of your "newest obsession list." and yes, in case you were wondering, i am typing this with one hand. i have also needed to go to the bathroom for 2 hours but can't quite figure out the logistics of doing that yet. UTI, here i come.)

4) they come in two flavors. raspberry sherbet, my fave. and orange sherbet. yum.

5) they take me back to happy times in my childhood. the schwann's man would roll up every other week in his yellow truck and ring our doorbell. one of the happiest sounds to me...think "polar express" with the ringing bells. and my parents would order either strawberry or chocolate push pops. and for the next two weeks, i would sneak one of them out of the freezer every chance i could. why was i a chubby child? i ask you.

6) most importantly, they are keeping me away from these babies:

these have been an obsession since the moment they hit the market. i could eat them melted, frozen, or room temperature. i could eat them in a house, i could eat them with a mouse.

however, because i am trying to be good and rear back from the "i'm pregnant and can eat whatever i want" frame of mind (which we all know is a lie anyway but it comforts us during 9 months of torture, right?) i have not had one. i repeat, not one.

but just thinking about them makes my mouth water.......a moment of silence please.

okay, back to the push pop.

i actually found them when i was in search of these babies:

but they are MIA. where have they gone? did bill cosby pull them off the shelves? i don't want the new ones:

they just aren't the same. i want classic, familiar. i am a woman who doesn't like change. come on now, i don't think i'm asking much.

my bladder is now screaming. i guess i'll have to put leah down and let her take over the screaming bit for a minute. then i will console us both by swaddling her and treating myself to a push pop. emotional eating at its finest!


Francis and Fawn Becker said...

try the cotton candy flavored push pops from Target...they are AWESOME!!

Dana Broderick said...

YUM! I love those! I can eat just about any Popsicle put in front of me.

Joel and Carrie said...

I totally coped with everything you just stated. You should have ended that with an Amen.

Rachel Chick said...

So I think one of my new favorite things are containers for TREATS that say "An Excellent Source of Calcium." I first noticed this on a can of . . . oh crap, (no not a can of crap . . . just - oh crap, I can't remember what it's called) . . . Come on, what is it called ? ? ? Well, you know, the cheese in a can? What is the name of that salty chemically enhanced so-called cheese??? Cheez Whiz? In a can? Anyhow, you know what I'm talking about. So yeah. It's a good source of calcium too. Just like your Jello Pudding Pops. How could anyone ever get osteoporosis with calcium coming from these excellent sources?

Oh yeah! I loved the episode that I watched. You totally don't look fat. (And trust me, I tell people when they're fat - I'm not one of those girls that says - in their high falsetto voice - "You are NOT!") You look pregnant. That's a good thing, remember? Anyhow, I don't know how you do it. I would laugh myself silly sitting in front of one of those cameras. You look beautiful and poised. Awesome!

Amanda said...

I used to eat Pudding Pops everytime I went to my grandmas house as a kid. I had been searching for them for so long and one day after I had given up I was in the ice cream section at walmart and there they were right in front of me. I almost passed out and then I bought 4 boxes. So go try walmart.

ohmylanta said...

Great Reminder that I need to cram in as much chocolate as possible over the next month!!! Perfect timing for those easter mini eggs. Who cares about the fact that I am going to be pushing near 200 lbs. at delivery. I must find joy in something right now...... mini eggs seem like the way to go. (though I may come pointing a finger at you when I am blimping around in a swimming suit this summer) you know..... a THANKS A LOT LYNS for your sweet post!

Tui Family said...

Totally had to laugh when I read this...because MY favorite time was when I saw the yellow Schwann's truck pull up too! I could only get these sweet treats at your house, and those times became a treasure for me also!