Saturday, March 28, 2009

today she smiled at me for the first time.

and it wasn't gas.

and she wasn't asleep with her eyes open.

almost made being up until 3:30 am with her crying last night worth it.


Rachel H. said...

aWWW.....sooo sweet.

Now if only she would stop crying! :)

Thinking of ya!

The Pyne's said...

How fun!!! Oh how I don't miss those early morning feedings!! but may I say how ADORABLE she is....those pictures are just priceless. Oh how I hope I can have a GIRL one day!! =)

can't wait for the online show to start. Please let us all know when and where to go.

Joel and Carrie said...

NICE! I'm still awaiting the day for CJ to smile. Maybe he'll have no personality like me. :)

Lauren Horsley said...

YOU'RE SHOW IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!! I Loved It! You looked darling and so did Caleb and Ben. YAY!