Saturday, March 14, 2009

"i wore the dress, and she stayed home."

props to whoever can name the tune from the lyrics listed above. (except for you lauren!)

my awesome sister came out to help me for a week and i enjoyed every minute of it. not only did she sacrifice by leaving her 3 sick kiddos, but she celebrated her 30th with us, and missed the official birthday of her little girl (they celebrated after she got back) in order to be here with us.

being as awesome as she is, she rang in her birthday by jumping in our apartment pool at 12:01. with her clothes on. (we couldn't convince her to do it in the buff, but it was probably for the best since i ended up recording it on camera)

we tried to make it a special day for her even though she was taking care of us the whole time. so for her present she got a massage, and then came home to our apartment decorated for her. complete with hanging toilet paper, compliments of ben. we party in style.

here are some pictures of her visit.

the birthday girl, indulging us by wearing the provided party hat & feather boa.

a rare moment of happiness from caleb who continually lamented, "i wish it was my birthday." what a good sport.

ben & myself.

snuggling with her namesake...leah (my middle name) layne (lauren's middle name)

we ate cheesecake, stayed up too late, went shopping, went swimming and talked and talked. and talked. she is so fantastic & i can't thank her enough for all of the help & support.

miss you already laur. come back soon!


The Pyne's said...

How fun...what good sisters you guys are!! That was so sweet of her to come down for a whole week to help out. and lynsey, you are looking fabulous, especially for leah only being 2 weeks old. Good for you!!!!

PS conner always ended up watching me pump and ask all sorts of questions about it. Interesting how they have to know everyhing......

Wheat Family said...

"Sisters, Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters." - oh I would sing that whole song for you but ..nah too embarrassing. Love that movie though!!

You have a great sister, you look absolutely amazing and I hope you are continuing to enjoy little leah. She is precious.

Rachel H. said...

FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS! I am so glad she got to go down there and hang out. You two are the cutest sisters ever! I love it! You are looking amazing--props to you! Happy 30th Lauren--what a way to celebrate!

Sara and Company said...

White Christmas is a classic! I love that song! And Sisters are the best. So glad she could come and visit.